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"Over 23 years experience ~ Now only £45"
KPN Wasp Nest Removal London offer the lowest possible prices for hornet, bee and wasp control within the capital. All treatments are Fully Guaranteed, 100% safe & carried out by professionally qualified technicians.

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By Dean Godsell
Wasp Nest Removal
Honey Bee
Honey bees are a welcome visitor to our flowers & gardens.
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Bumble Bee
British Bumble Bees are a regular sight during the summertime
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Hornet Nest
Hornets are the largest species of wasps found in London ares.

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London Wasps
Wasp nests in London can exceed 50,000 multiple stinging insects.
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KPN Wasp Nest Removal
have been successfully treating bee, hornet & wasp infestations for nearly a quarter a century.
Our experience is second to none & we have never yet failed in removing any colony no matter what the size or the location.

Wasp Nests in London may contain several thousand or more insects, all capable of stinging multiple times which makes inexperience in the treatment of these nests extremely dangerous indeed. KPN have a 100% record in safe & effective pest control solutions.

KPN make the cost of treatments completely transparent and affordable. We charge just £45 for all three insect remedies, no hidden extras, not even if the nest is hard to reach or if it is the largest wasp colony ever seen. KPN also offer a 50% discount for those with multiple infestations about the home, garden or work place.

A London based wasp control technician can resolve any issue inside 24 hours of your call. KPN are fully insured to work for both the domestic and commercial markets. Many estate agents, care homes and property management companies are already satisfied clients of KPN and we are happy to take all larger contracts on board.

Previous customers have been able to leave reviews about the service KPN had given to them on Checkatade.com – the largest consumer feedback site in the South – hundreds of reviews have been left for our London wasp nest removal technicians and we are proud to say we score 9.9 out of 10 on all aspects of our work. Reviews for KPN can be found by clicking here

Hornet Control in London Hornets are in fact a large wasp, they live in colonies containing 1000 or more & are extremely hazardous if disturbed. Hornets are more of a woodland creature where they should be left alone but more recently hornets have started to reside on our homes. If you have hornets anywhere about the home or garden then please call for advice – never attempt a hornets nest removal yourself – they have an extremely potent sting & the whole colony will attack if under threat.
How do I remove a wasps nest?
Only professional pest controllers with experience in wasps, bees or hornets should ever attempt to destroy a colony. All three species are highly defensive and will attack in huge numbers if provoked. The correct clothing, application equipment and industrial strength insecticides are the only guaranteed way for a safe and effective cure.

Bee Nest Removal London KPN offer free advice if you have bees residing around the home, garden or work place. If you have bumblebees nesting nearby please call asap so we can advise if you have the newly established “Tree Bumblebee” or not. The Tree Bumblebee is not native to the UK & in our experience is the most aggressive of all bees, It has quite distinctive coloring with an orange thorax and white tail & is often found nesting in old bird boxes or within the roof line. These bees can be dangerous & bee removal may be necessary.

Are treatments safe for my family and pets? Amateur wasp treatments are far from safe for children & animals, swarms can kill as can the misuse of poisons. KPN only use insecticides containing anesthetic so we humanely sedate the colony & not aggravate it. KPN specialise in just wasps, bees & hornets and do no other forms of pest control so we have an unrivaled knowledge of the dangers involved & guarantee our remedies are 100% safe.

"KPN Wasp Control are a professional local team"

Wasp Nest Removal London When the summer starts to warm up in London, wasp nests start to accelerate. Wasp nest removal can have serious consequences for anyone not trained, but you can be assured of a quick, safe & humane treatment when you use our London based team.

Why use KPN wasp control
  • Over 23 year's experience
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Guaranteed safe for family & pets.
  • Only £45.
  • Same day wasp control service.
  • Free advice.
  • Fully Insured & CRB Checked
  • Checkatrade Members where unedited feedback can be found.
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